What I do

Fine arts – Sculptures

Working in wood, metal, ... combining materials as much as possible

BarStools & BarTable

All Stools & Tables are made to measure and on demand


Working in wood, metal, ... recycled materials in motion

Bee_Rocket Bee-farm

The Bee-farm "Bee_Rocket" will hold 2x beehive

Custom tables

All tables are made to measure and on request

Tailor-made lamps

All lamps are made to measure and on request

My nickname has been "Fredje Raketje" for a long time. The rocket is a symbol of high technology, creative and innovative that is why I have taken the “Rocket” as a recurring symbol for some years now.

Rocket by Frédéric

Ideas come to mind ... especially in the car, here I see a completely finished 'creation' before me. During the development process the ideas do change regularly. All this means that projects suddenly 'emerge'.

Frédéric Lannoo